Filming time: Thursdays at 3pm EST

Mic Check Time: 2:40pm EST

This is a live broadcast talk show on Youtube Live. Each week, we talk about episodes that came out during the week, breaking social media world news, and chat with special guests.

Who Can Be A Guest: Strategists, coaches, consultants, educators


Filming time: flexible schedule

Release Date: New episodes out each Thursday—all episodes are recorded in advance, so you might record your episode several weeks before it premieres

This is a special podcast that takes a look at the behind the scenes of  the social media marketing world, business topics, strategies, etc.

All episodes are video filmed so I can use a snippet as promo on social media, but the podcast itself is audio-only.

Who Can Be A Guest: Strategists, coaches, consultants, educators 

Bonus Trainings In FB Group

Filming time: flexible schedule

Mic Check: 20 minutes before your scheduled episode time

This is a special live broadcast designed educate my group members. These broadcasts can be outside the realm of social media strategy as long as they pertain to business growth.

Who Can Be A Guest: Strategists, coaches, consultants, educators, lawyers, financial planners, etc

If you’d like to join us for a featured Group Bonus Training , talk show episode, or podcast episode, we’d love to hear from you!


We’ve worked with celebrities in many industries on these live and pre-recorded shows including best-selling authors, Disney animators, leading professional mermaids, business gurus, and more—we know how to make even the most-nervous guests feel comfortable on air!


Our goal with these shows is to give entrepreneurs a face-to-face experience with people who can help grow their businesses and create profitable brands through smart social media marketing and business practices.

Before coming on air with us, we’ll be in contact with you to get photos, imagery, links, and information we’ll need to promote the episode. You bring your fans and we’ll bring ours!

Once we meet on camera (before we go live to the public) we’ll run through the questions we’re going to ask, see if there’s any big news you’d like to announce, and give you time to get to know us as your hosts and the flow of the show.

You’ll be fully prepared before we ever hit record!

Important Info

Ready To Join Me On Air?

Send me an email with your name, wha you’d like to speak about, and what type(s) of shows you’d be interested in doing!

If we fit your brand, we’d love to get you scheduled for the shows!

If you have questions, please email us and we’ll get them answered for you!

Can’t wait to hear from you! See you at the shows!

Want to offer a giveaway item for the shows? Email me at info@kmrobinson.com

Looking to sponsor an episode? Email me at info@kmrobinson.com

**Please note that all of our shows are family-friendly as many of our fans listen/watch with their kids in the room

Want To Pitch Yourself To Be On An Episode?

If you’d like to join me for an episode of the live broadcast talk show or the free-recorded podcast, I want to hear from you!

Send in the following information to see if my audience is a good fit for you!




What you teach to your people:

Episode Topic:

Main points of topic (give me the bullet points of what you want to speak on) list:

Any freebies you’d like to give away—this is not required:

Link to website:

Link to blog post you’ve written on similar topic—not required:

Link to video/audio where I can hear how you speak and interact with an audience:



**Please also note if you want to be on the talk show, podcast, or a special mini training for my FB group. You can volunteer for all of these, but please remember each one must be unique content (can’t all be the exact same topic, but can branch off of each other…for example, a financial coach did a talk show episode on budgeting for social media ads and then immediately did a bonus group training on paying yourself as an entrepreneur—they work together but aren’t the same thing)

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